2023-2024 0xU Whitepaper

01/ Who we are

The 0xU Hong Kong Blockchain Club, established in July 2022, is a dynamic student organization initiated and driven by students from The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Our club is dedicated to fostering collaboration among universities and industries in Hong Kong, promoting research and knowledge exchange within the blockchain industry, and providing support for blockchain entrepreneurial projects undertaken by university students.

02/ What we do

In 2023-24, 0xU Hong Kong Blockchain Club is focused on two key directions:

Resource Integration (Outreach Department)

The 0xU Hong Kong Blockchain Club Outreach Department is committed to resource integration. We aim to establish a comprehensive and international resource-matching platform that facilitates collaboration opportunities for academia, industry, and policymakers. This platform will involve various stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, investors, university professors, blockchain associations from different universities, and local communities. Our core objective is to advance innovation and entrepreneurship through the consolidation of resources collectively.

To achieve this goal, we have devised the following strategies:

  1. "Memo Pool" for Project Owners: We plan to create a "Memo Pool" as a vital platform for resource integration. By engaging in in-depth discussions with project owners and gathering relevant project information, we aim to foster the progress of promising innovative entrepreneurial projects and provide them with the necessary support.

  2. Diverse Activities: We will organize various academic and industrial activities. These activities include company visits, demo days, academic interviews, Web3 career counselling, Q&A sessions (AMA), Twitter Space discussions, roundtable forums, and campus sharing. Through these events, we seek to facilitate cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange, delve into cutting-edge blockchain technology and application developments, and offer students diverse perspectives and practical opportunities.

The vision of 0xU Outreach is to create a robust resource integration platform and actively promote cross-border cooperation among academia, industry, and policymakers. We are dedicated to providing the student community with abundant resources and connections to nurture innovation and growth in the blockchain space.

Web3 Research (Research Department)

The Research Department in 2023-24 will focus on two primary objectives to promote the growth and impact of the 0xU Hong Kong Blockchain Club:

  1. Investment Funds Management and Track Record Establishment: The Research Department operates and manages investment funds within 0xU. This includes quantitative and subjective investments to build a strong track record. We aim to create sustainable economic growth for the community by making effective fund management decisions that support meaningful blockchain projects.

  2. Web3 Hot Topics In-Depth Reports: The Research Department is also tasked with conducting comprehensive research and analysis of hot topics in the Web3 space, producing high-quality, in-depth reports. These reports will showcase 0xU's research expertise and deep understanding of projects. Our goal is to explore the profound value of blockchain technology, offer robust research support to the 0xU community, and assist each department in realizing its mission and vision.

The long-term vision of the Research Department is to establish a mature investment and research integration platform for 0xU. We aim to actively engage in developing the Web3 industry, serving as a reliable support and strategic partner to outreach departments. We aim to drive blockchain space forward through insights and data support and expand our reach and value.

03/ Organization

The 0xU Hong Kong Blockchain Club operates within a structured hierarchy to promote academic research, exchange, cooperation, and innovation in the blockchain field. The core organizational structure comprises the following major components:

  1. Core: The Core team serves as the driving force behind the strategic planning and execution of activities within the 0xU community. Approximately 15 Core members collaborate closely to realize the community's vision and goals. An annual rotation is in place, with veteran members having the option to continue their involvement.

  2. Builder: The Builder category includes former Core members and individuals who have significantly contributed to the community. They form the think tank of 0xU, actively participating in strategic decisions and essential projects. Thirty Builder members play a crucial role in maintaining community stability and innovation.

  3. Investment and Research Group: This group comprises experienced industry experts with in-depth knowledge of various fields. It is a select circle dedicated to in-depth discussions within the community. Membership is strictly screened, ensuring professionalism and deep exploration for academic research and cutting-edge exploration.

  4. Communication Group: The Communication Group is designed for individuals interested in Web3 technology and serves as a gateway to the Web3 domain. It provides opportunities for the general public to learn about blockchain, engage in in-depth discussions, and participate in the community. With approximately 2,500 public users and a growing Twitter following of about 1,500, the general group effectively broadens our reach and disseminates the community's ideas.

This comprehensive organizational structure effectively harnesses talents and resources at various levels, providing robust support for the growth and development of the 0xU community.

04/ Past Events

  • Hong Kong Web3 Carnival: 0xU Young Pioneers Session

The 0xU Hong Kong Blockchain Club organized the 0xU Young Pioneers Session as part of the Hong Kong Web3 Carnival 2023. This groundbreaking event brought together some of the brightest young minds in the Web3 world. We invited young Web3 academics, entrepreneurs, and student representatives to collaborate, share their insights, and explore the boundless potential of blockchain technology. The event aimed to foster innovation, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship among young talents in the Web3 space, providing them with a platform to learn from one another and network with leading professionals.

Event Review:

Web3 Student Organizations and Young Practitioner Development

Web3 Foresight: Latest Research Trends in Blockchain

Web3 Sword: Academic Achievements in Blockchain Seminar

Web3 Startup: How to realize the next great Idea

  • 0xU Partners with HKU to Launch Offline Web3 Course

After a month of intensive preparation, 0xU launched an offline Web3 course. This comprehensive course covers fundamental concepts and hands-on approaches to Bitcoin, Ether, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and more. It is not just a course; it also provides opportunities to interact with outstanding Web3 entrepreneurs and top VCs. Participants gain exclusive access to 0xU community events.

Event description:

0xU Collaborates with the University of Hong Kong to Launch Offline Web3 Course.

In addition to these significant events, we have also organized and co-organized various online sharing sessions, AMA sessions, and other engaging events.

05/ Join Us

We welcome you to explore the 0xU Hong Kong Student Blockchain Club and join our vibrant network. We are eager to hear from you and look forward to your participation in the community. To stay connected with us and engage with our community, please follow our social media channels and reach out to our contacts:

  • Social Media Channels

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xUClub

  • WeChat public number: 0xU Blockchain

  • Leaderboard page: 0xU Hong Kong BlockChain Club

  • Telegram group: 0xU Blockchain Club

  • Mail: 0xublockchain@gmail.com

  • Medium: 0xU Blockchain Club

  • Contact:

Contact:Andy Ouyang

- WeChat/Telegram:hoidya

Contact:Clara Cheng

- Wechat/Telegram:ClaraLoveCheng

Feel free to contact us through the provided channels to stay updated on 0xU's latest news, event information, and ways to participate. We eagerly anticipate your involvement and collaboration in shaping the future of the blockchain field. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We appreciate your interest in 0xU!

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